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What can I expect when dog obedience school is complete?2020-03-12T17:24:51+00:00

Upon completion of our doggy obedience school you can expect a completely reformed dog. But we promise it’s still your dog. We train you with everything your dog has learned. This is the key to maintaining all of their training.

Private: What is required when I bring my dog for training?2020-03-12T17:26:17+00:00

When you drop your dog off for board and train we only want their food and your deposit. We handle the rest. We have leashes, collars, bowls, toys. We don’t want their beds and any other things you may have for the dog. We handle everything else. Just bring their food and deposit…. and don’t forget the dog too.

Private: Why should I board and train my dog over taking weekly classes?2020-03-12T17:29:14+00:00

During your dogs stay at The K9 Academy, your dog is worked multiple times a day. We are consistent with our training to ensure during their stay they are taking in as much as possible. The problem with weekly dog training classes is a dog trainer is trying to teach you how to handle your dog. At that point you have to go home and train multiple times a day. Mostly, not all dogs are the same. They aren’t all cookie cutter, they all learn differently, they have different quirks and some are more stubborn in which you need to know how to handle that.

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